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Unemployment drops as Alabama immigration law takes effect.

Once again the numbers don't lie. The lie that Americans refuse to do the jobs that illegals will do is merely crimmigration activist group propaganda to continue to mass migration of illegal immigrants around the world to invade, destroy and suck dry our taxpayer funded public services. As I have argued many times before. It is not that Americans aren't willing to do these jobs like in agriculture but in many of these rural areas in the USA local people simply aren't aware these job positions are open and exist at all. These farms and businesses to take one example from a particular sector just needs to find better ways to advertise their job openings in the local community to get the word out.

But now the results are in, and just after one month of the new laws being enacted Alabama's unemployment dropped from 9.8% to 9.3 % and in some counties almost a whole 1% in just one month! Now how is that for job creation? But the corrupt Washington administration chooses to sue and attack Alabama for enforcing the laws they should enforce to begin with. This just exposes the utter madness and hypocrisy that the States are having to deal with under Obama and his radical anti American policies. Read more here.

Here is another good site to keep up with and support in the fight against the illegal foreign invasion and insane mass immigration policies which are hurting our economy in a major way. Please volunteer you time and money if you like to this great lobby group.

We must continue the fight in lobbying and demanding action against the anti American policies of this administration and rally our local and state representatives to action. We need to put and end to foreign birthright citizenship, we need to cut immigration levels, we need to end chain migration, we need end all benefits for illegal immigrants and their anchor babies. Get angry Americans and take action because it is your future and your finances that are at stake in this battle!

Urgent! Backdoor amnesty is already underway. You have to act now.

The DHS has just released memo's today that the Obama administrations backdoor amnesty is already underway. You MUST DEMAND IMMEDIATELY from your representative that they do their job and put and end to this policy and the violation to our national sovereignty. We are being sold out to foreign criminal illegal invaders. Every country you travel to in the world has strict immigration policies and you must follow them to the letter of the law no if ands or buts. This is an outrage that we have a legal path to immigration in this country that already allows at least 1 million foreigners a year and eventually leads to the chain migration of extended family which in some cases has been up to 100 extended family members per legal immigrant granted citizenship. This is already an insane policy because it give no time for new and existing immigrants time to assimilate into the country and culture but instead they are increasingly seeking to change America to the same image of the place that was so bad they chose to leave it in the first place. It is hypocrisy at its finest. What is worse is despite these generous immigration policies that illegal immigrants who blatantly break our laws, abuse our taxpayer funded public services which raise our taxes, and then protest and sue the very place and people they have no right or excuse even coming in contact with.

You can read about the recent memo's that have implemented this backdoor amnesty here from Dan Stein of Fair.

Remember, this is urgent. Get involved, Immigration is out of control in this country legal and illegal. We are already at 9.1% unemployment and the economy continues to get worse. It will continue to get worse as we continue to increase our population through immigration and especially illegal immigration which simply just adds to the burden of US taxpayers and is already bankrupting communities. Just look at California. Please take 5 minutes to contact your Congressman/woman today and stay diligent in the fight and spread the word to those you know. You can also donate to FAIR and support their fight and lobbying efforts against immigration and expose the great harm that it is doing to our communities.

We also need to urgently renew the fight in banning birthright citizenship for foreigners. A recent poll shows 65% are against it.

Boycott Foreign products, Boycott foreign businesses, Boycott foreign restaurants, and don't hire foreign workers. Band together Americans and take your country back!

Politicians in these hard times continue to sell our country out to evil corrupt China!

Lately as many well know in the news is the Wall Street protests but the strange thing is why should the blame be focused on Wall Street instead of those in charge of overseeing Wall Street and that is mainly the traitors in Washington and the current White House and it's administration. As our corrupt politicians continue to allow our economy to crumble from our borrow borrow borrow, spend spend spend, steal steal steal more average Americans money in the form of taxes and currency debasement from the out of control private owned illegal Federal Reserve you would think they would know that their time is up. No, not these criminals in Washington, they are the worst and most corrupt in the entire world. What steps do they need to take in order to reach this level?

Sell out your own citizens who elected you and you have sworn an oath to serve, protect, and represent to evil corrupt foreign powers for a few more dollars and a little more time in power. I will put together a collection of links and you can put it together on your own the grand sell out of America, our land, our businesses, our freedom, and our own future and the future of our children.

State owned Chinese COSCO is seeking overseas acquisitions. This is not good for the US as this will drive up the prices of food as we increasingly have to compete with China for resources.

New Visa for house bill drawn up by Senators. This is a terrible idea. It is a sad day when we are rewarding Communists to come and buy our land and property for pennies on the dollar and reward them with long term visas on top of that. Then they can have anchor babies which open the door for chain migration in which the whole extended family can end up on the US welfare system on the backs of the US taxpayer.

Chinese illegals increasingly coming through the Southern Border

Chinese one way visas to Ecuador up 5 fold. Herro porous US border, US welfare system, and crimmigration activist groups that will sue on my behalf if any State tries to enforce the immigration laws in our country anymore.

What happens when you appoint a Chinese to the position of US ambassador? Well of course, you will sell out America to China and Chinese business and make it even easier to mass migrate and colonize our country.

As if the slew of other streamlined visas weren't enough and we didn't have enough Chinese coming to our country with record increases year on year the Obama admin is because another investor visa program targeting corrupt Chinese money to buy up more American land and business.

US Under Secretary of State Robert Hormats talks about Chinese investment in the US. "Don't worry about it" is his answer. Thanks we feel much better now that you say not to worry and now you will do your best with your American taxpayer funded salary not to help Americans and American businesses but to help Chinese and Chinese businesses to better understand, compete against and do business in our own backyard. Treason!

China fastest growing investor in the USA. On the books and off the books I am sure. The behind the scenes numbers and untrackable investments because the Chinese know how to stay under the radar to keep us stupid Americans unalarmed and marching off the cliff ahead to our destination of a 3rd world slavery system.

It all starts with Chinese that get elected like the pile of Democrap Judy Chu who quickly runs to her beloved motherland to support China and meanwhile tries to get bills passed asking America to apologize to Chinese people. This is how it all starts, you give them an inch and they take a mile as they become more and more abusize and destructive with their power and agenda.

San Fransico mayor race deeply corrupted. You can be sure wherever there is a Chinatown or large Chinese population or Chinese organizations there IS Chinese government involved along with it's spies.

Weak dollar fuels Chinese buying spree of US firms.

More to come soon but until then I plead with you to get a sense of National pride, Boycott Foreign products and Foreign businesses in the US, if our politicians won't do anything we have to do our part to spread the word in our community, on the internet, and cut them off from our local economies by not employing them or giving them any business!

Ban Foreign Ownership of Land in the USA!

I would like share with you something you can get involved in to start pushing for in your local community by contacting your local and state representatives and lobby for a new law that would ban foreign land ownership in the US.

Currently word is spreading around the world that now is the time for foreigners to start buying land and property around the US because of the devalutaion of the US dollar in accordance with other currencies which makes our stuff cheaper including our country. Many countries around the world have laws protecting the citizens of that country from big foreign money from pushing in and buying their valuable land and resources and holding the citizens of that country hostage to hostile foreign powers. Currently foreign vultures are making moves to buy up American land and property and it must be stopped! We need to ban foreign ownership of land the same as many other countries do in the world. Read some of the stories.

There is news that at least 400k wealthy Chinese foreign nationals are looking into taking advantage of the US's EB5 foreign investor visa which essentially allows all this corrupt foreign money to not only allow these criminals into our country but their families too, not to mention giving them a platform to enter our schools to displace our students, take our jobs at a time when we have 9.1% unemployment, and buy our land and property with their corrupt money by taking advantage of millions of hurting Americans who have been hurt in this economic crisis.

More and more real estate expos are popping up overseas so our country can be sold to foreigners!

At a time when China has Trillions in foreign reserves and the Chinese government is actively pushing for Chinese to go out and buy and invest in other countries America is at high risk due to it's huge natural resources and facilitative environment because of the huge numbers of Chinese Americans that are ready and willing to aid in Chinese investment in the US and can easily navigate our system.

Do you want to see how China is investing in your State?

The above is not the final authority by any means because many Chinese like I said before know how to go through the back door in the US and stay under the radar. They can use intermediaries, shell companies, Chinese Americans, LLC's and other means so that they can help hide the level of Chinese money entering the US to keep suspicions lowered.

Here is another look at the calls to start buying up our countries, land, property, and businesses, and what is worse is our politicians are happily flying to China many times a year to help facilitate, encourage, and even give taxpayer funded sweetheart deals to top it off to sell you out!,0,3577965.story

So what can we do, we have to fight against the sellout of our country! Will you stand with us and phone, email, or meet in person your representatives to propose they make laws ending foreign land ownership in America?! Will you rally your family, friends, neigbors, coworkers and those in your community to do the same?! Don't be sold out! You must stand up and speak out for yours and your childrens future! Don't allow your country to be sold our to corrupt foreign powers and dirty money!

Urgent! Amnesty Bill is in the Senate again! Obama is selling out our country to foreigners to get votes!

We already knew this was in the works and would happen sometime before the 2012 election. There has been insider talk among the Crimmigration activist groups and the Obama administration to find a way to ram amnesty down the throats of America once again. We knew it would happen because it would add tens of millions of potential voters that would have their Messiah Obama to thank with their votes for their being rewarded for breaking our laws. This is exactly why they started the ITIN taxpayer number to give to illegals so that even though they didn't have Social Security #'s they could still pay taxes although the majority of illegals don't pay taxes but it would be another way to justify giving them amnesty. Here is the story,

Amnesty is being pushed in the Senate again.

"U.S. Sens. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., Harry Reid, D-Nev., Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., Dick Durbin, D-Ill., Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., John Kerry, D-Mass., and Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., reintroduced a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

"The Immigration Policy Center explains that Menendez's proposal includes the creation of Lawful Prospective Immigration (LPI) status. Applicants for LPI status would be required to submit biometric data, go through security checks and pay a fine."

The DREAM Act, which went down to defeat during a lame duck session of Congress back in December, is still very much alive in the U.S. Senate.
A Senate hearing is scheduled for this coming Tuesday, and FAIR learned Thursday morning that the Committee leaders and the Obama Administration are pulling out all the stops to promote this amnesty legislation.
Read more important information about it here.

We are being sold out and under attack from traitors from within our borders and within our own government. Once again the fight is on, we can't rest because the Crimmigration activist don't. The minute we let down our guard we will be overrun with some of the worst people that walk the earth today! Contact your Senators today, spread the word in your community to do the same. Will you make a promise to contact your Senators by phone, email, fax or in person or all the following about this this week? Please do so because we all must play our part and can't just think someone else will take care of it. Do your part and get to work to fight these traitors! You and your children's future depends on it!

New Chinks in the Chain Update

It seems another Chinaman has been caught stealing from our country! And yet we continue to allow record breaking numbers every year enter our country to facilitate in the theft and collapse of our country.

A Washington state man accused of trying to sell sensitive military and aerospace technology to China has pleaded guilty to conspiring to violate the Arms Export Control Act.

Federal prosecutors allege that Lian Yang of Woodinville tried to export 300 semiconductors that the U.S. government has said have no purpose outside of military or aerospace use.

The Seattle Times says Yang was arrested in December after he reportedly offered to purchase the radiation-hardened semiconductors used by the military in satellites for $700,000 from undercover FBI agents.

A federal complaint says he and unidentified co-conspirators deposited a $60,000 down payment in an account set up by the agents. He was arrested in a sting as he was dropping off a $20,000 payment.

Yang entered his plea Thursday in federal court in Seattle. Sentencing is set for June 30.

The real question is how many cases like this are going on everyday that aren't being caught or that we don't have the ability to track because we have let so many in and also have so much focus on the Islamic barbarians!? How can we claim that immigration has helped our country when all that has happened over the years is that jobs have left our country and our debts have skyrocketed!? The myth that immigration is good for our country is a lie from the pit of Hell and only the naive would follow this advice, the advice of those that want to blind you from their agenda and stroke your ego telling you everything is fine when they curse you behind your back and are robbing you blind! Our ancient immigration policies are out of control, Illegal immigration needs to end period, ALL immigration from Muslim countries needs to end, and legal immigration needs to be cut almost to nothing! We are flooded with foreigners and have a foreign invasion on our hands legally and illegally who are playing their part in the Radical Left's plans to destabilize the tear apart our system and the fabric of society.

End the Foreign Invasion NOW!

More CHINKS in the Chain of our Military and continuing to allow the hordes to enter.

More Chinese spying of our Military secrets. Chinks are very dangerous in a US military chain! If this is offensive I meant it to be so because the Chinese espionage of our country is stealing the whole future of our country! Maybe people will finally wake up and start spreading the word about this threat.

If this piece of garbage is a US citizen why is he not being tried for treason? If not he needs to be held as economic terrorist. The Chinese espionage campaign needs to end in this country. The problem lies the numbers of people we allow into this country legally and illegally it is unmanageble and is not only too much for our current infrastructure but it is tearing apart our social fabric. The great failure of "multiculturalism" When will we wake up to the cries of many leaders such as England, France, Germany, Australia and hear what they are saying. Multiculturalism is DEAD! Saying that there are "hordes" of foreigners that have no loyalty and pollute and destroy our country and communities is right.

Recently many have been condemning for comments from a California college student mocking the number of foreigners on her campus at college. She is very right, record numbers of foreigner nationals are entering our school system and meanwhile displacing our own students. Just China alone has sent 130,000 college students to America many who stay and then displace American workers and possibly even set up in positions to commit espionage or sabatoge if the situation calls for it. We are being sold out to foreigners! While the red carpet is rolled out to people who have no loyalty to this country and selfishly use this country and the American people for their own personal gain we continue to neglect the large numbers in our own country that are receiving no help, guidance or opportunity. As all this talk about "investing in our future" the only "future" the elites in our country seem concerned about is the "future of foreign nationals in America" Not too long ago I was reading about Salutatorians from US high schools getting turned away from college, but I can guarantee you one thing, there was surely a large quota of foreign nationals that got in to fill these lunatic "diversity" quotas.

What is worse is not people like Rep. Jeff Flake in Arizona want to stamp green cards automatically on any person that receives a PHD from the US.
Is it no wonder why these policies persist when more foreign born are leading US universities?

Thank God for groups like Californians for Population Stabilization who also fighting against lowering the number of legal immigrants to this country.

The Chain migration policy is a huge problem. Legal immigration needs to have a balance too, and with the numbers we have been letting in the last 50 years we should stand to shut the doors for at least 10 years to absord the current glut we already have.

If immigrants are so good for this country why has our country continued to go downhill and why has problems linked to immigration only increased? We are sacrificing our own people and continue to live in the fantasy land where immigrants are the answers to our problems when it is WE who are the answer to our problems!

Take a look at Numbers USA's 5 GREAT Immigration-Reduction Bills that would resolve the majority of our country's immigration problems. See where your representative stands. This year so far only one congressman has joined the 5 for 5 club by co-sponsoring all 5. Unite together with those you know and lobby your representative to join the 5 for 5 club and co-sponsor all 5 of these great immigration reduction bills.

This will be a long and difficult fight as we face a great many problems that are attacking us all at once. But stand up, get educated, unite with those likeminded people you know and speak out boldly to take your country and your future back!

Connect with other Conservatives in your area.

I have not forgotten and I will follow up soon enough with my follow up to our country being sold out by our government soon enough.

Right now I want to share with you an important new site that has just been started if you haven't heard already. It is called Freedom Connector and it is a site designed primarily to link up conservatives and others who want to join together to stand against the evil that is infiltrating our country, our government, and our communities. You can even start your own local groups on this site as well as join other groups. It is a great way to get informed, spread news, and even gather together to speak out or stand up for your rights. Please sign up and spread the word to all those you think will be interested.

Progressive groups, Commie groups, Islamic groups and other radical groups are using media not only to spark movements but to spread information quickly. Conservative groups need to catch up and use the power of media and social networking not only to sow conservative propaganda but also use tactics as the Liberal hate groups do to discredit, smear, and stir up to cause confusion among conservatives. Now is time to turn the tables. Sign up to this site, get involved and start a movement in your community. We are in a fierce battle for the future of our country and it is not one that will be won quickly or easily, so don't give up no matter what. Don't worry about what people say about you, who cares! Stand up for conservative values and protect and defend your community against the many threats that are constantly growing. It's time to rise up and shut these people down! Get educated, get involved, work hard to get in positions of power and influence to use to further our goals and our agenda!

The Traitors in our government are selling us out period!

I know I haven't posted in a bit, I have needed some time to anaylze what is really going on and my suspicions of the past few years have been confirmed which I will save for my next post. Let me ramble a bit about a few things.

The Chinese are playing Americans for fools and  many other foreign immigrant groups, the good nature of Americans is being taken advantage of and used against them. There are so many things that are attacking America I will touch on a few before the main topic. First, Sharia law is constantly creeping into a community near you and have you seen the Muslim Demographics video on Youtube? All of Europe is going to be Muslim majority in the not to distant future because of low birthrates of nationals and huge birthrates of Muslims who when their numbers are great enough use campaigns of hate, violence, and intimidation to force you to submit to their goals and make so that no one can oppose them. The US and Canada are in just as much danger!

Then you also have the illegal immigration problem many are portrayed as the poor Father and Mother who just want a better life but this is still wrong. An American can't just break into a store and steal things because the excuse they want a better life. What is worrying is that while many crimmigration activists try to keep you focused on this what you aren't seeing is the gangster, smugglers, possible terrorists, spies and other really bad people that are illegally making their way in to possibly sabatoge this country. The DREAM Act was dangerously close to passing, many lying media pieces proclaimed "Criminals would not be allowed to apply" But they failed to mention that up to 3 misdemeanors would be allowed, nowadays with our lax criminal justice system you can do some pretty bad things and it be a misdemeanor and 3 of those for that matter! That is a pretty hardened criminal if you ask me, and that is only assuming they are getting caught! Let me just show you another Youtube clip I came across that will make you think again about the wonderful illegals they want to let into this country.

The experts are now estimating that illegal immigration is costing over $100 billion a year
This is at a time when many of our States are about to go bankrupt and our National Debt is now over $14 trillion dollars. Watch it spin out of control.

The other issue that was never addressed with the DREAM Act is that they say don't punish the kids because it was the faults of the parents. Here is the problem, if we are to allow the kids citizenship what is to stop them from sponsoring the whole family to become citizens therefore rewarding the criminal behavior. All this would have done is encourage more people to take the criminal route and use the same excuse in the future about not punishing the kids who would eventually receive citizenship and sponsor the family and reward the criminals. What really is disturbing is the ignorance that you see floating around like "The Americans killed the Indians so leave America and give the land back to the Indians and the Mexicans you stole it from" Although in their ignorance I guess they never learned that the Mexicans are just Spanish (Europeans) who came and killed the Native Americans too. The other funny anthropological fact is that many researchers who have researched the origins of the Native Americans have concluded that they crossed the land bridge from Russia to Alaska and down and came from Japan, Mongolia, and even Europe! If this isn't true why are Russians white people? White Europeans also made up the Native Americans so the argument about Christopher Columbus and all this is really not important. Sure there were some bad deals that happened and people got killed but the real topic is who owns a land. I asked a friend of mine this one time. I said lets say I step onto a piece of land for the first time, do I own it? If so how far? Can I just proclaim the next thousand miles in every direction is mine? No, of course not. In order to own land in those days you had to be able to defend that land and if not then it wasn't yours anymore, that is the way it was. Today we are a part of a developed system of governments that have established borders over the years of this way of living, even today there are still some small countries fighting and redrawing borders and forming new countries. The fact is that borders and lands have pretty much been established and if anyone says otherwise you must be able to defend that land that is primarily the roles of the federal govermnet to protect against foreign and domestic enemies that threaten your country. Anyways the point is, our system is what it is today so we must enforce our laws!

The other problem is the anchor babies, and this isn't just a Mexican problem but a global problem. Birth Tourism is rampant, in many big cities in Chinese communities they have what is called Yuezi centers or
月子中心 where they set up Chinese mothers to come and have their new US citizen through birth tourism. Supposedly it is big business now because of China's booming economy and many Chinese Americans are even going back to the Mainland to set up representative offices to sponsor their business. This is why it is more important than ever that you spread the word and contact your congressman and senator to pass a law to end birthright citizenship for foreign nationals. It will end the birthright tourism agency and drastically reduce the number of illegals that want to come to use this as a quick way to citizenship. Unless European Americans start to join the quiverfull movement  like the 19 and counting Duggars and halt not only illegal immigration but cut the foreign immigration period then America is on the fast track to being a overrun 3rd world foreign wasteland. The Youtube video Immigration Gumballs explains the point perfectly about how immigration period doesn't work.

Next I will post I will talk about how we are being sold out to the Chinese.

Get past the PC we are one big happy family diversity nonsense! Don't allow the Global elite to turn you into a slave! Band together with your family friends and community and don't be afraid to speak out for what is right! Gain a sense of Nationalism and protect your country and your community from the Foreign invasion of America!

Tearing apart America! Part 2

I would like to focus upon the great problem of illegal immigration today. It is said that now the majority of children that are born into the US are minorities and most of them are from illegal immigrants or people on short term or long term visa's or green cards that are taking advantage of the system and average Americans by gaining automatic US citizenship for their children. Birth tourism is huge in many countries There are many companies that will even help you to navigate the process to lie to US authorities to have your new US citizen, most at the expense of the American taxpayer of course.,_enough_is_enough.html
Many hospitals are going bankrupt or failing because of the costs to treat illegals. These hospitals are completely overwhelmed and our system is breaking down!
There is a popular slogan that these ultra liberal crimmigration supporters like to say I am sure you have heard it. "Give me your tired, your poor,Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"
Now let me ask a question. Where did this come from? Is this in our constitution? Is this some sort of US law? Well you can be sure the crimmigration supporters that frequently comment about this sure do try to make it a US law. All this is, is part of a poem that was written by Emma Lazarus at the Statue of Liberty, A POEM PEOPLE! IT"S JUST A POEM! Since when are we bound by law to some poem someone wrote! HYPOCRISY! It is time for Americans to get ANGRY at the EVIL that is taking place within our great country!

Let me give you a little taste of what it means to allow illegals into our country unhindered. First it is estimated that there are 20 million illegals, although it could easily be more now let's say every one of them has 1 kid that is at least 20 million kids. Well now, seeing that they are illegal they don't pay taxes so who pays for their kids to be born at the hospital. What are the hospital costs per child today? Lets' have a child on a budget and say $5,000 per child. Now times that by 20 million. HOLD ON NOW! That's a little bit of money. Guess who pays for it? The State and eventually the taxpayer. You do the math on that. Now, these kids have to go to school but they need new schools for all these 20 million kids. How many kids does a new school fit? About 2-3 thousand? How much would a school like this cost? A couple million each? So 3,000 kids per school but 20 million kids and a couple million dollars to build a new school, YOU DO THE MATH TAXPAYERS! Of course since the kids need teachers too, about 30 kids to a class but we need to pay a $30k a year salary to each of the teachers. YOU DO THE MATH TAXPAYERS! Now they need to eat, but since they are "SO POOR" because they aren't paying taxes they all get free lunch at the expense of the taxpayer. Wow, did you ever know that you weren't just supporting you and your kids but you, your kids and about 10 or 20 other people's kids while they all get a free ride and contribute nothing to society! But these ignorant racists want to call people like us racist because this is the epitomy of EVIL in this world.

What happens then Americans? I guess they end up like California and other states who are about to fall apart because of budget issues? Want to know the solution? Well instead of enforcing the laws, cutting spending on useless programs and waste projects (Don't believe me just read Senator Tom Coburn's Weekly government waste report
We as Americans are putting our liberty at risk my not standing against these floods of new people could care less about America and more about how they can benefit their home countries at our expense! More on part 3!

A Word, please I plead with you, get involved, get your friends and families involved, form groups to stand up on these issues, call your local state and federal governments and all that are involved to voice your outrage, do you know that the other groups that are supporting these things are already grouped? They are already spreading the message and are already active and involved? Why do you think these things are happening? It is because they are doing something and we are not? We are still the majority! We can stand up now and every day to get laws passed quickly! Illegal immigration must be stopped, visa's must be cut back, visa overstay laws must be enforced and made much stricter! Anchor baby citizenship must be stopped once and for all! Green card lotteries must be stopped! Amnesty must be stopped! We need to repair and rebuild what we have now before we can proceed! You don't just keep building a building when the walls haven't been finished and foundation is cracked, you don't just keep building higher it will crash upon you. Every American has a responsiblity to get involved and if you don't you are a traitor to your country and other Americans! Time to get ANGRY American people, it's not going to get better no matter how much you hope it will just sitting there in your A/C on the couch! Let's move now!

Tearing apart America! Part 1

America is tearing apart. There are so many forces today mostly inside but also outside that are tearing apart our nation. I will seek to uncover some of these things to bring the truth to light. These forces that will be discussed in a multi part fashion that will include the threat of (Chinese espionage and spying, lobbying from Chinese groups to influence our society and policies, growing investment of communism and China through hard assets, media, and mass immigration-legal and illegal)(illegal immigration and the twisting of the 14th amendment that allows anchor babies to become automatic US citizens on our tax dollar and killing our country, the lie about how we are all the same because we are all immigrants)(the politics of Islam and promotion of Sharia law and extremism even in small US towns through planting of mosques as a claim to takeover, infiltration of government and policy, lobby groups, colleges, muslim foreign countries, and infiltration of government policy)(Hispanic threats from racist crimmigration groups, gangs, and movements to reclaim by force and numbers California, Texas, and Arizona which they view as part of Mexico)( The apathy of the average American, the unwillingness to stand up against threats to his/her country, they breakdown of the American family and community to stand together against these foreign threats that are tearing us apart, the complacency that it will just all work out and we can trust those in office today like we are still living in the 1900's, every group seems to have an advancement group today where are the activists for the average American? where are our leaders that walk with integrity and for the good of the American people and not foreign interest groups, when will we as Americans band together as a community, get connected, get on the same page to be a force by numbers and the majority? We will lose if we don't find a way to come together, start groups people, spread the word!)

There are liberal socialist, communist forces at work in our society, they are influenced by foreign groups, foreign money, and seek to take advantage of our democratic system by means of force and numbers Not only are they seeking to control opinion by a show of mass opinion they infiltrate our schools, our workplace and our government today. Do you remember when you could say the pledge in class, now somehow it is labeled as wrong because we "have such a diverse society today" I can't believe that stance because when this body of "diverse" people come to America they are required to uphold our values as Americans and pledge allegience to our country, so now why is this wrong.

If you want to see how liberal our society has become, our government just uncovered a network of Russian spies and you don't even hear a word of uproar! If this would have happened in another country they would have been tried and imprisoned or vanished. Instead our president eats lunch with the Russian president as if nothing happened.

Let's look at some more cases involving Chinese spies although they end up getting a free pass because of Bureaucracy that hinders anything getting done in the US including punishing those that are seeking to take down our country. Not only does this send a message that there are no consequences it boldens these governments in their espionage programs , ,

In our schools today some of our top American students can't even get accepted to college over a foreign national that probably bribed or cheated there way somehow to boost their resume. Our colleges claim to seek a "diverse" campus but at the expense of American students dreams. So when will we achieve the diverse campus ratio! TELL ME! What is this ratio? 99% foreigners and 1% Americans! Is that the diversity they want? I think it is. The average American has no hope today. Do a search on Google for all the groups that are for the advancement of races, but if it is a caucasion group they will be labeled as racist. I am sorry but today I feel the caucasians need to start forming their own advancement groups before it is too late so they can level the playing field against them. You have the Labor council for Latin American advancement, Hispanic alliance for career enhancement, and I could name 50 or 100 more You also have Asian political advancement groups etc. They are all over the place to provide money, support and everything they need to advance the interests of these groups. Now please tell me, how is this not racist? If it was a group for caucasians how would it be labeled today? As the African American scholar Thomas Sowell has stated "There is reverse racism happening in our society today" 

Can we work with China anymore?

I would say, it is very difficult and seems to be getting worse as China turns inward. Gordon Chang explains why and I will post his article below.

What's the best way to lobby the Chinese central government? "It is very important for foreign companies to make their case, make their argument to the Chinese officials in ways in which there is a win-win, where the Chinese can achieve their objective and the company can achieve their objective," says Sandy Berger. The official-turned-lobbyist gives us the conventional wisdom--and a buzz phrase to boot.

In fairness to Mr. Berger, "win-win" solutions are the best kind. There is, of course, nothing wrong with both sides getting what they want.

And sometimes that happens. Take the case of General Electric. Since 2000 the global giant has trained about 200 Chinese executives from the Communist Party's Central Organization Department, the almighty agency that picks the people who run, well, China. That includes the officials heading state-owned enterprises, big purchasers of the "good things" GE "brings to life," if I may borrow its slogan. By helping in this fashion, GE has done well in the Chinese market. While its worldwide sales fell 14% last year, its sales in China increased 16%.

"We make sure our initiatives are aligned," said Mark Norbom, the head of GE China, referring to Beijing's priorities. This approach makes sense too. The problem for foreign business, however, is that it's becoming harder for both them and the Chinese government to coordinate goals.

Why? China, unfortunately, is turning inward. Deng Xiaoping put his faith in the power of reform and opening up. Hu Jintao, on the other hand, believes in closing the country down. His new economic paradigm is to build up "national champions." If he gets his way, 50 of the world's 500 largest companies will be Chinese by 2015.

More important, he wants to reserve China's domestic market for Chinese enterprises. That's one of the reasons why Beijing launched its coordinated hacking campaign. The campaign forced Google's search engine out of the country and benefited local competitor Baidu. No wonder the latest survey from the American Chamber of Commerce in China shows a growing percentage of its members--38%--feel unwelcome in the country.

Foreigners ain't seen nothing yet, however. As Hu continues his push to close the country off, state enterprises are getting more say in government councils. Foreign companies can hire Mr. Berger--or even "old friend" Henry Kissinger--but they will always be at an enormous disadvantage to their Chinese competitors.

Talk of "win-win" may win clients for lobbyists, but it is an increasingly outdated strategy. After all, how do multinationals "align" their interests with a government dedicated to eroding their market shares and crippling their operations? Beijing may see its interests incorrectly, and China will surely suffer as a result, but that's the way things are at the moment. No foreign business is going to be able to change the central government's perception, however wrong it is, anytime soon.

So what should foreign businesses do in China's less-welcoming environment? In the last half year there has been a marked change in tactics as companies are now willing to openly challenge Beijing. Thirty-four business groups, including the American Chamber, wrote and extraordinary letter to three ministries about the proposed "indigenous innovation product accreditation" program. The program, as originally proposed, essentially required foreign businesses to transfer ownership of foreign technology and trademarks to local enterprises in order to obtain accreditation to sell to governments in China.

The Ministry of Science and Technology in the middle of April stated it would remove the most objectionable elements of the program, but the rules are still unsatisfactory in important respects. Said Timothy Stratford, a lawyer in Beijing, "In many cases they are willing to be persuaded, if we can provide compelling reasons why specific policies should be modified."

"Compelling reasons"? These days, that includes threats of retaliation by other governments. Indeed, Beijing retreated on the indigenous innovation rules only after Washington threatened intervention. The process demonstrates that foreign businesses will have to shed their deep-seated reluctance to challenge Beijing and work even more closely with home governments in filing trade cases.

Joerg Wuttke, president of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, reports that Chinese officials now sport a we-don't-have-to-listen-to-you-anymore attitude. How, exactly, do you "align" with that?

And how do you lobby Beijing these days? In many cases you will have to raise the prospect of a trade Armageddon to get what you want. If you want to "win" in China, start thinking in zero-sum terms. Chinese officials view the world that way now--and despite what Berger and others suggest, you will have to do so, too. Unless, of course, you don't mind being the victim of consultant clichés.

Need I say more?

Donald Trump thinks we are stupid for trusting China

Donald Trump knows the situation first hand and has even made the statement that the Chinese are laughing at us as a nation. I wonder what all those living in some fantasy world that think China is a friend to America would like to say to someone with his experience and prestige.

What I just can't understand is how we justify sending our jobs and manufacturing over to China because it is supposed to be cheaper but Chinese companies are coming to America and setting up factories and business headquarters. If it is cheaper to be in China how can the Chinese operate and make a profit by setting up in China. Something is not right with this picture, there are things taking place that if the American people don't catch on and speak up it will be too late. Currently the Chinese car company BYD has annouced they will try to enter the US auto market with a new headquarters based in LA. I appeal to all Americans to boycott these cars and support Americans car companies which are in this current day the best cars you can buy in the world and have grown by leaps and bounds from the cars that got a bad name 10 or 20 years ago. China also has set up factories like Haier in South Carolina What is such a shame is that your taxpayer dollars have also been spent to make this possible.

America is on a dangerous path to selling itself to the highest bidder. The Chinese governement has released a report encouraging an outward expansion of Chinese companies Not only are they trying to create a brand recognition to take market share around the world but they are also buying local American companies and even trying to form partnerships with them. The more that the Chinese get involved and intertwined with the US the more trouble there is going to be basically because we are so different and it is just not possible for a communist country to work together hand and hand with a democracy. A communist country only has one thing in mind and that is absolute power and conquer by all means necessary.

You must continue to spread this news, the Chinese are laughing at us like we are stupid idiots! You need to take initiative to contact as many people as you can including your friends, family, people you work with, mayor, governer, congress, and president. Take time to make calls, send emails, be persistant because if you don't be the voice who will, a great movement always starts because of one person. This is a great threat and needs to be stopped now! Boycott everything that comes out of China and spread the word. Don't think this problem is going away it is only getting worse day by day! It seems India has been getting the picture for a while and is starting to make some moves in some places due to the China threat

A point of no return for America

A wonderful insight from African American scholar Thomas Sowell.

More articles from him here.

I don't necessarily agree with everything he says but he has many wonderful insights on many modern day issues we are facing as a nation today so I thought I would share.

China is our friend? I think not!

It is common today to hear those that don't seem to know what is really going on to casually throw out the "China is our friend" and "We can learn from each other and work together" but what we really see is the result of intentional criminal campaigns against our country and everything it stands for. We are in a type of silent war with China right now primarily as they are advancing their positions and carrying out their espionage in all places and levels of our country. This threat is real and it needs to be stopped. We as citizens of American need to join together to put an end to this.

The first step is knowledge. We need to warn our friends and family and also need to do our part to contact whoever we can to try to make a difference whether it is the news, radio, or contacting our President and congressmen/women. We can make a difference and we can't blindly rely upon our government to do everything for us because after all a government just represents the people. Here is a link to a 7 page article of recent Chinese espionage.;wap2 This threat is real people and it won't stop unless we make some changes in this country and real consequences to punish those that willingly come here to hurt us!

Chinese students increase while US students are put on waiting list.

Right now there are outrageous things happening at our colleges around the country. While some of our best American students are finishing high school and some even at the top of their class they are being put on waiting lists. This should apply all around right? Wrong. While our nations students are put on waiting lists the doors are being opened wider to foreign students to enter and primarily from China. What is happening in our colleges? This is a very serious issue that needs to be addressed. Wherever you are out their I suggest you contact your local colleges and start with the large ones first. You can email the president of the college or even make a phone call. We need to shut our doors to foreign students until we are assured that American students are getting top priority and places in school. Enrollment from China shot up 60% although our own students are put on waiting lists.

This is an outrage and you need to spread this news. Your country is being populated and taken over by mass immigration. With a population that is 5 times the size of the US China could easily continue to send huge numbers of people that could change demographics, and be an influence in all elements of society.  Even more there are many places that offer tuition discounts, scholorships and other breaks to these foreign students at your expense. Many colleges are spending millions of dollars of their financial aid budget on foreign students. If you don't believe it why don't you contact your local universities and ask them how much of their budget is spent on foreign students. We must put an end to these policies that promote foreign students that can barely read or write english over our best and brightest students in our own country. What other option do they have if they are denied schooling in their own country!

I guess there are people that would love to see us do everything possible to help the Chinese get an education and teach them English and be lenient on them in our schools and hold them by the hand their whole time in college so that they can take the best jobs in our top companies or take what they learn back to their country for their benefit. I guess that these once these students graduate we should give them millions of dollars of our tax money to start their own businesses here and then they can hire those American students that were kept out of their own colleges as janitors.

We must wake up people. It takes 5 minutes to send and email, it takes 5 minutes to make a phone call. Please call your colleges and make time to do it this week and the coming weeks. Please contact your congressmen/women and the president to let him know of this outrage taking place. Changes need to be made now and quickly! We have waited too long and it is time to act without tiring now! Fight for your country and for the rights of Americans! Don't allow your country to be taken over by foreigners who despise you, your culture and your language! Contact these people in authority to make the changes right away!

China's strategy to take over America

Lately the news and conflicts over China have been over the recent finding linking China with Iran's weapons programs and other Middle Eastern countries, currency manipulation to keep the dollar high so they can keep making money and create jobs in their country, and the hacking and theft of property from Google and other fortune 500 companies.

I would like to expose a strategy that China is trying to undertake not to destroy the USA but to take it over as their own. The USA with it's vast precious resources, land, and clean environment is seen as the perfect extension to the China domain to answer the question about over population and gross pollution in their own country. America and other countries need to wake up now and begin to see China as it really is and that is a threat that seeks to take what you have at any cost. Competition is the name of the game in China because you either make it or you don't in China. Just look at how many college graduates they have each year that they can't fill jobs for and if you don't think that their government is trying every way possible to come up with ideas to support and help their people you are dead wrong. Their policies don't just extend to China but also world population and influence at all levels.

Right now China feels it has reached a good level of technology theft from foreign companies from inside and out of the country through their huge espionage campaigns so that their "homegrown" companies can try to become global players and enter different countries markets. For example you would think that in America with an average of 10% unemployment and up to almost 30% in some places we would at least be able to support our own people with construction jobs. Well, the China State Construction Engineering Corp, was recently awarded a $100 million subway ventilation project in Manhattan. This also follows $410 million Alexander Hamilton Bridge project in New York and a $1.7 billion contract to construct a casino resort in Atlantic City NJ. Now China is coming in to take our major construction and infrastructure projects. Not only is this an outrage that our tax money is going to them in this area but also can they be trusted not to cut corners to save costs. Look at the recent case in India where Chinese engineers are being held in connection with a power plant chimney collapse that killed 40 people.

The Chinese with their huge sums of money are out to buy up the world's property, resources, and businesses in order to make roads into these countries to gain a stronghold for their friends, family, countrymen, and government. Recently a Beijing company purchased a shopping mall in the US in Milwaukee. What that means is more Chinese to come bringing with them their made in China products and all their friends and family which will have their kids which become US citizens which will be raised to love the Motherland China. Next thing you know you have another Chinatown that takes over a segment of the city. It is this type of strategy that they used with other minority groups which gradually faded away because of the huge numbers of Han Chinese that just seemed to overwelm and take over by sheer numbers. It's not just this but the huge numbers of students with a 20% increase every year from China that come to America and seek to stay to gain citizenship so they can also bring friends, family, have kids and take advantage of the US for the benefit of promoting China. South Carolina is also a good example of a State that is selling out to the Chinese to build new factories there. Now tell me why is it that American manufacturing companies are moving to China because it is cheaper but Chinese companies are coming to America and building manufacturing plants? It doesn't make sense! If the Chinese can make money here doing it why are we moving our plants and technology which will get stolen over there and giving them our jobs in the process!

We need to make major changes now or else our country will be bought up and taken over so that we will be working at Chinese companies, buying Chinese products, and renting our small apartments from our Chinese landlords. Stand up Americans, contact your congressman write to them once a week, call their offices, spread the news to your family and friends. It is time for Americans to stand up, band together and push back against our enemies and those that seek to bring their agenda to take over and bring us down to serve them. Keep walking with Honesty, Integrity, and Hard Work for your neighbor and your country!

China is #1 in espionage against the US.

If the American people and other countries don't wake up against the huge espionage campaigns that are being carried out by huge numbers of chinese spies we will continue to suffer billions or trillions of damage economically and affect our security in a frightening way. Don't be lured into many naive commentators or even those that frequent the web which post china friendly comments that we should just continue to relax and act as if it is just a big conspiracy. Don't be naive people, this is the #1 threat today and it is real! You need to contact everyone you can and stand up to put and end to this attack. chinese spies are planted in our top schools, top corporations and even in high levels of government or military. Even those that seem to be nice can easily be blackmailed by other chinese spies to do as they say especially if they have friends and family back in china which could be forced into labor camps or worse if they do not agree to work with them. 

Every year our country to continues to open up more and more for the chinese to come in and do as they please at our own expense. The chinese gov't recently put out a report that they expect to have a 20% increase of year on year to come to the US to study. Once chinese students are accepted and granted a student visa it is like a free pass to do as they wish. The visa is good as long as they are students, it is never checked or enforced and many when they stop studying just continue to stay in the US with no enforcement or penalty for their illegal actions. Compare this to other students that go to china that have to face constant registrations, visas that expire every 3 to 6 months or even 1 year but must pay constant fines and pay constant visits to public security offices and register their every move. It is even well known that listening devices are placed in these peoples apartments and even in the hotels they visit. Why does the US continue to offer such an open door policy to a country like this especially when we know they are stealing from us and planting themselves in positions that could hurt us, this is blackmail! You have to contact your friends, family, and local representatives and even the president to let them know your outrage! Don't let your country be taken down for your lack of action or your willingness to trust in people that don't act until you say something! Please browse this site to find many contacts you can make We must change our favorable visa policies to ones that are short term, managed, and enforced exactly they way they would do if we were in their country!

There is a wonderful 60 minutes video report that has a story about Chinese espionage in the US here. also here also here I hope you can read and afterwards make an effort to spread the word faithfully about this threat. It seems one of the last resorts that the average American can do to prevent this threat is to be a voice, not only to the colleges, big corporations and elected officials but to boycott Made in China products. Contact these stores and tell them to empty their shelves now and replace them with American goods, also don't be fooled by the new marketing China is using, whether it be Made in PRC, Made in China with parts from the world or technology from the world, even now China is using techniques to ship Made in China products to other 3 party countries and changing the labels so it appears to be made in another country. This is primarily taking place in Asian countries. This is why it is important to buy Made in USA and if not it is better to do without!

Why is our government giving taxpayer money to China!

I urge everyone to be contacting newspapers and our members of government on this issue because it is an outrage. Our government has already squandered trillions of dollars with no real results and continues to drive the American taxpayer down into the ground and open the doors to foreign money and influence.

The real issue at hand is not whether you are Democrat or Republican because this is so foolish to even talk about nowadays, it has reached a point where the average American can't afford to just sit back and wish for the best, the average American needs to be holding our leaders at all levels accountable for what they say and what they do. Americans need to start thinking outside of the box, time has already proven that it doesn't matter democrat or republican they all have problems and all want to blame the other side instead of standing up for the American people. We need to choose leaders based on them being good leaders and the values they stand for. Not just that but we need to keep track of what they do and hold them accountable. There should be no more of this make false promises and once you are elected think that you can do what you want because you have the power and no one is paying attention or will hold you accountable, on top of that our leaders should not be double tongued for the sake of job security, the American people need to see past these things and use common sense. I personally will even start to consider to looking into other parties to vote for regardless if they are the most popular but based on what they stand for and their record.

Aside from the rant, the cherry on the top of squandering of trillions of dollars in this last decade from government in general Republican and Democrat we can thank the wonderful people at U.S Trade and Development Agency for not only giving a Shanghai power company a $453,000 grant for Carbon limiting technology in Coal plants but also gave $700,052 to the Civil Aviation Authority of China to develop a plan for Beijing's new 2nd airport. It is funny how the average American never gets to hear about these type of things behind the scenes or even vote on them. We not truly in a democracy but a representative democracy or else the average person would have a say on these matters but seeing that we have elected someone to represent the will of the people (supposedly) we leave it to trust these people to make proper judgments on our behalf. I am sorry but in this 2nd great depression you don't give a million dollars of tax payers money in grants to a country that we already owe so much to and don't have to spend to begin with. Why are these so called educated people so foolish! Common sense would tell anyone that you can give away what you don't have. These people have gone far enough and we have given them a license to steal from us.

Now is the time to stand up. You can contact Leocadia Zak who is the Director of the United States trade and development agency here to voice your outrage you can read more about the deal from one of the latest US-China joint commission on commerce and trade memorandum here If Americans don't start to wake up and continue to allow America to intertwine it's economy with one like China it will end up as a disaster and is already turning into one. You must continue to be bold to spread these news on the internet, emails, or word of mouth to influence change to protect and rebuild our country. We must also not forget to continue to actively Boycott Made in China! If we don't start something, there won't be nothing. 

What is our government doing about Chinese spies!

Our government continues to remain silent and continues to promote the massive inflow of Chinese students in top universities. I don't know about you but when I vote for officials to represent me in this country I expect them to stand up against attacks and from other countries stealing from us things that could be used against our country economically and militarily! But we hear nothing, if anything we hear how can we make it easier for illegals and immigrants to become citizens instead of saying we have a major problem on our hands we need to deal with first. If our leaders are not protecting us they need to get out of office. The people of the USA need to contact their officials and let them know that if they are not going to protect us they need to leave the office! It may seem it is a losing battle but there is something the American people can do, Boycott Made in China, every dollar you spend only supports the downfall of our country. It is better not to spend at all then to buy Made in China. I realize it takes sacrifice and discipline to do without but if retailers start noticing that the American people are refusing to take this path anymore things can change. You must continue to spread the word to your friends, family and throughout the internet. A ripple can become a wave. We must continue to contact people in the news, radio and most of all government and let them know if they do not do something about it we will and we can get rid of them! How is it in America that someone can download some songs on the internet and get 20 years in jail and a million dollar fine but let China hack and steal intellectual property on a daily basis from our fortune 500 companies, military, and government and they do NOTHING! What are they doing! What is really sad is this quick article I read from an Indian reporter about Chinese spying. How sad that even the Indians know what is going on in America but Americans remain apathetic and ignorant, thinking all is well and they can just hope for the best without having to lift a finger. Do you realize there are legions of Chinese working day and night tirelessly to infiltrate us and take us down! We need to get back to a foundation of hard work, pursuit and protection of knowledge and technology, and integrity and honesty. Now is the time to stand up not give up! Here is what the article mentioned.

It was interesting to visit some of the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering schools run by the State Universities in America. When you see the faculty list you do not understand what is going on, but when you visit and roam around the departments, you get the feeling. It is not restricted to just Mechanical Engineering but is common is all branches of Engineering. The graduate studies (MS and PhD) in these engineering schools are the breeding ground of foreign agents, especially from China. The Chinese Government targets the State Universities because it is easier to get admission in these schools than the private schools and get a potential spy educated in US who eventually can steal secrets from US corporations. Guess who pays the tuition for these Chinese spies – the American taxpayers. Think about it – the State Government in America pays for training a Chinese agent!

FBI has recently listed 'students and educators'' as one of the favorite ''cover-ups'' used by foreign agents. That's not all. The FBI, in its website, has put up a list of ''collection strategies'' that agents use to get their hands on US technology. The professors in these engineering schools depend on Chinese talents to do the tedious research. They feel comfortable in the fact that these Chinese students do not have a lot of mastery over English language and never question the validity of a research method. But little do they know what these Chinese students are up to, and how they are destroying the defense infrastructure of America.

You try to talk to the Graduate Directors in these departments and you will feel they do not want you around. They like to see more Chinese students who will obey the laws set forth by the faculty. The entrance procedure to the graduate schools in the engineering schools are set to what the Chinese students can do best. They do not test engineering skills. They do not test the verbal skills in the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). All that is needed is 725 or 75 percentile ranking in quantitative section of the GRE. The quantitative section of the GRE requires only tenth grade mathematics.

What the Chinese Government is doing is simple. They recruit spies in their own engineering schools. They train these spies in English so that they can pass TOEFL (test of English as a Foreign language) and then make them apply to the American State University Engineering Schools for graduate studies. The graduate directors in these engineering schools are eager to provide admission and stipend to these Chinese foreign students. The faulty wants these students to perform on the research that will be published in journals and presented in conferences. That makes the schools look good and the faculty look good.

Unfortunately, these engineering schools do not care for American national interests, although they get their funding from the American taxpayers. Harboring spies that will one day build Chinese missiles and aerospace weaponry to threaten United States is not very patriotic. Minimally, the Homeland Security Department must monitor these foreign students closely in the US. Before issuing any F1 visa a proper background check is needed. Nothing will stop China from sending spies to US in F1 visa to engineering schools and get them trained and educated with American taxpayers’ money.

So sad that even other foreigners are aware of the threat but Americans continue to lay down and take it and not only that but we are paying for it!



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